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In modern society, you can hardly find a person who ignores money. Like it or not, we all have certain feelings toward it – some people worship money, some fear to lose it, and some can waste their hard-earned money like water with a blink of an eye.

Most of us have taken some personality quizzes and tests. And what about your financial personality type? Discover your type of financial personality with a financial personality test.

Financial Personality #1: The Big Spender
Main traits: A hard-working person who earns good money and knows its value. Such a person can pamper himself/herself with costly hi-tech devices or expensive outfit. This type can be prone to impulse buying.

Recommendations: The Big Spender should consider low rate credit cards with no annual fee, so that big shopping sessions will not burn a hole in his/her pocket. He or she would better avoid various rewards programs to avoid overspending.

Financial Personality #2: The Futurist
Main Traits: The Futurist lives for tomorrow. The life credo of this type is to think twice before making some major purchases. Futurists have considerable savings and know how to manage their money.

Recommendations: Rewards credit deals will benefit futurists most, as such people have long-term goals and rewards programs do not give immediate rebates as a rule. The choice of the rewards program depends on a person’s spending habits.

Financial Personality #3: The Newbie
Main Traits: The Newbie has just flown from parents’ nest and learns to live on his/her own. A new place to live in, first job and studies – the Newbie just begins feeling the taste of adult life and that’s why he or she can make stupid financial mistakes.

Recommendations: A prepaid card will be a good choice. With this card, the Newbie can learn the basics of money management. College student cards can also be a good start for some Newbies.

Financial Personality #4: The Experienced
Main Traits: A perfect money manager who keeps every penny under control and plans the budget carefully. The Experienced has good or excellent credit history and always make monthly payments on time.

Recommendations: The Experienced is too experienced for giving advice.

Financial Personality #5: The Avoider
Main Traits: A creative person who can hardly manage money. The Avoider doesn’t like to discuss financial issues and money is not his strong point.

Recommendations: The Avoider needs to be stimulated and encouraged for having a credit card, so affinity credit cards will be an ideal choice. He or she needs to consider creative credit programs and exclusive rewards.

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  1. Dan please can you help me how to spend my money wisely?

  2. Financial Personality #4: The Experienced

    That would be me. But I don’t feel that I have gotten my experience from experience…I just always knew how to spend my money wisely and where to invest it so that I get the better return on my cash.

    I think there is a tendency for ‘The Experienced’ to become to ‘Futurist’ at times and forget to enjoy the moment.


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