So many people spend their lives either living in the past or future, that life in the here and now ends up passing them by. They’re never fully present, never enjoying each moment on earth since they’re perpetually worried, fearful, or overly determined. What can you do to live in the moment?

A Mantra:

Say to yourself each time you catch yourself mourning the past or worrying about the future: “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is out of sight. Be here now!” All you truly have, all that is promised to anyone, is this very moment. If you spend your time living in the present and doing what you can to make each moment count then you can be assured of a more relaxed, more successful life.

Act Now:

What can you do right at this moment that will make your life better? Instead of fantasizing over some distant future possibility or being saddened by something in your past, take action now to make your life a happier, more successful one. Whether you should make a phone call, clean your house, toss out fattening foods, sign up for a class, write a letter to an old friend, polish up your resume, or whatever you know you should do, do it!

Go Beyond:

Contrary to what most people think, life is filled with endless possibilities. Nobody is destined to live and relive his or her past. Not one single person needs to live an uncertain future. Go beyond your current limitations—which in reality is your past holding you prisoner—and realize that when you live in the present and do everything you can to change today, tomorrow is much more likely to bring success.

Focus Your Energy:

Several times a day take the time to focus and refocus your energy. Before even getting out of bed in the morning tell yourself that you’re going to have a wonderful day. Tell yourself that you’ll make positive decisions that are for your highest good and will lead you to success and happiness. Before you enter the kitchen tell yourself that you’re going to eat a meal that will nourish your mind and body. Before going into work tell yourself that you’ll stick to one project before tackling another and that you’ll ignore small distractions that will disrupt your focus. By reminding yourself what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to do it, you’ll stay focused, productive, and in the present.

Living in the present moment is important for health in all areas—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You begin to see what’s truly important, what thoughts and actions are time wasters, and you’ll actually begin enjoying your life much more!

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