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Astral projection is a concept which involves remembering out of body experiences, or travel on the astral plane. While astral projection in itself is a very complex subject, it is possible to break it down into three schools of thought as to what astral projection actually is.

The separation model basically states that during astral projection, some sort of astral or etheric body transports the consciousness. In other words, the separation model of astral projection holds that out of body experiences are truly “out of the body.”

The phasing model holds that the astral plane and the physical world intersect somewhere in our consciousness, and that astral “travel” is really just “phasing” into another area of their consciousness, which of necessity would be quite different than the areas they inhabit in the physical world.

The third model of astral projection, the skeptical model, unsurprisingly holds that astral projection is an experience of the mind, and though no one knows exactly what “astral projection” is, similar states of consciousness can be induced chemically and through brain stimulation.

To understand what astral projection is and how it works, it is important to understand these three basic schools of thought, or models, of how it works. Whichever model you find most believable, many questions will still remain about how astral travel works and whether any experiences you’re having or hear about from others are truly astral travel.

Is astral projection real? This is a question no one can answer definitively and conclusively at the moment, and no answer is on the horizon at this time, but as more and more is known about the world and how the brain works, we get closer every day to finding an answer to our questions about what, where, when, and how astral travel is and what makes some people able to “travel” while others never experience this sensation.

Astral Travel Brainwave CD – $24.99 & FREE Shipping!

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