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In Japan, a serene household is said to have Wa.

Wa is a key underpinning of Japanese society. Wa is the secret to Japan’s 127 million people living so closely packed together on a small island without constantly trying to strangle each other.

Bring a little Wa to your household.

Wa translates as “group harmony.” It applies to any scale social arrangement where people fit together smoothly in a kind of perfected state of harmony…

To achieve “group harmony” in your household, abandon your western-hemisphere notion about how group harmony comes about— that group harmony comes about as a function of individual equality. Wa is not about individuals being free to do their own thing.

In Japan, family members insisting on doing their own thing— and turning the household upside down in the process— are said to be “disturbing the Wa.”

Wa is a system of individuals knowing their place in the group hierarchy. It is a system of individuals maintaining proper relationships to each other and to the group. It is a system of individuals focusing on the interests of the group, as opposed focusing on personal interests.

Two steps for bringing a little Wa your household…

First Step: Ensure family members living within your household understand their proper place in the family hierarchy. Sound shocking? Consider then that your toddler should not be running the household, as we would all agree. You know and understand this. Family members must be made to accept their proper place.

Second Step: Focus family members on doing work necessary for the household. This might mean assigning chores such as cleaning; or getting all family members to participate in preparing the evening meal or setting the dining room table; or insisting on quiet weekday routines. Personal interests must be set aside.

Bring a little Wa to your household.

You can do it.

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