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Powerful but understated, rituals can be used to enhance your performance and experiences in life. Select a well-known athlete and chances are he or she takes time out before and after official practice to excel at their chosen sport. Observe the martial artist who is consistent with training techniques; alone, in an environment in full support of his energies. He embraces the silence of a backyard or the natural sounds of the beach or forest.

Think about your day. Think about this morning. How did you prepare for work? Which route do you usually take to reach that destination? Where do you eat for lunch? What do you do for relaxation after a rough day at the office? Your answers to these questions reveal how your habits develop through rituals.

We each have specific ways of going about a process, making sure our responsibilities are taken care of, and ensuring our well-being is satisfied. Some people pray before going to sleep. Others take advantage of quiet moments to read a book. Others still may find relief or excitement in listening to music, or wearing a particular set of clothing on special days. These rituals, whether learned through family influence or of our own creation, develop specific habits within us when we repeat them, and those habits influence every aspect of our lives. Used effectively, a mini-ceremony or established meditation session can perform wonders on how we perceive and exist in the world. A stressful day can transform into a day more tranquil just by refocusing caused by a positive experience.

Affirmation and Reflection

The design of your rituals is a creative act, so it is important for you be as open as possible mentally, physically and spiritually when creating. Understand the purpose of your ritual and the habits you expect to develop from them. With repetition and an increasing strength of mind, your habits will no longer be actions you have to remind yourself to do, you will BE-come your habits. They will become part of your nature.

Affirmations, spoken command messages will work to set your mind in the proper focus: “I am powerful,” “I take responsibility for my day’s outcome.” Your rituals become more potent when applying this kind of language.

Especially when starting off, recommended is to begin a reflection ritual. Take time to think about the progression of your days and give attention to changes you’ve consciously made. This is the time for you to realize what is working and what requires adjustment in your life.

This article was written by Trent A. Rhodes

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