It’s very difficult in this day in age to commit ourselves to eating well. We are running against the clock, we lack time, energy, and patience to take the time to make sure that what we eat is good for us. Restaurants and take out seems like such a logical alternative, especially when tired and looking to eat quickly.

However, you can make progress, one step at a time that is. A radical change overnight will probably have you running back to fast food on day two or three! These little steps include trying new foods, cook and eat at home more often, eating a good breakfast, and including more fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods within your diet.

Eating different types of foods is crucial, as you get vitamins and nutrients from a large range of different sources. Variety = more benefits. Eating at home more often is also very important. First, restaurants do not use the highest quality foods to serve their clientèle. Second, it is costing you perhaps 3-4 times more money than cooking at home. Think about your time spent cooking (which isn’t long at all if you keep everything simple and you should!) and is it worth wasting all that money just to eat food quicker, which is less healthy to begin with? Eating at home makes you eat healthier food, control your portions, and save money as well. Start in little steps, start by eating at home and cooking one extra day per week, then add another day every few weeks. Soon, you will notice that you not only feel better, but you are richer too 😉

Breakfast is crucial for your energy level throughout your day, as well as how it dictates how you eat for the rest of the day. So many people skip breakfast, and I was one of them for many many years. I would just HATE eating in the morning, and was too busy anyways having to get ready for work. By eating breakfast, you become more alert, you have not only more energy, but you have more energy longer (you don’t feel as tired late in the day). As well, eating breakfast makes you eat more reasonable portions in your other meals, as you do not feel as hungry and don’t feel the need to fill the void for two meals instead of one.

Of course, eating fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks during your day will simply increase your energy level and have you be in a better mood and frame of mind. What does that do? A happier you = a more successful you! Think logical. The positives greatly outweigh the negatives when it comes to eating better. Take the initiative and start with a tiny little step, and grow from there. Any step, no matter how small, is still a start. Focus on the long term effects on your health and well being, not instant gratification. Sooner rather than later, you will start feeling incredible and not even think twice about going back to your old ways, because doing the right thing for your health always feels good, remember that!

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  1. exactly…nutrition 3/4 of the way when it comes to getting fit. You have to take the time to truly educate yourself and count everything you eat. There is a learning curve for sure, it took me many months to finally count the food that I eat properly and come up with a nutritional plan that works for me.

  2. I like the article about healthy eating. I workout at the gym three times a week and try to keep a healthy,active life. My problem is that I struggle with food and eating balanced meals. I guess it's just a matter of having control and making the right choices like anything else in your life. Great info!!


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