Today I have a really interesting video series that I would like to share with you. This three-part video has the legendary Jim Rohn explaining ways that you can turn your life around. He’s a tremendously skilled speaker, and it’s very easy to understand him. I am certain that you will enjoy these clips, and I firmly believe that it can help you gain a greater perspective on how you should make changes in your life:

Part 1 of this series deals with Rohn explaining how you can increase your income by increasing your value. Why do some people earn $400/hr? Because they bring more value. One thing he mentions that I totally agree with is employee unions that go on strike. They want more money, without providing anything greater in value. You simply cannot get rich by demands. Others, wait all year long to get a raise. Why wait? Take action and make things happen! It’s very true…any job, there are plenty of things you can do to increase your value, and thus have leverage to gain a higher salary. He finishes up with a great line: “Learn to work harder on yourself, than on your job.”

Part 2 deals with measuring results and how it’s important for continued growth. He talks about philosophy, attitude, activity and how these three things are crucial to your success. He talks about how not saving money or having investments over time, how not reading any books with all the knowledge that is available out there (I 100% agree with him), how not taking any classes to gain more skills, all are pretty much you messing up. Result is the name of the game. He says that life isn’t asking you for much: make measurable progress in reasonable time. That’s very true. He finishes up by talking about truth and how it’s important, as the truth shall set you free.

In part 3, Jim Rohn talks about disgust, and how powerful it can be. When you’ve “had it”, that’s an important day. He gives the example of a woman who asked her husband for $10 and was asked “what for?”. That day, she told herself that she would never ever ask for money again. She went on to become a very wealthy executive. When you say, enough is enough, that is a life changing day. He also says that you should welcome all experiences of life, because you never know which one will trigger your desire. That’s a very good point. Many great opportunities came my way out of pure flukes that I was receptive to accept. A great line in the video is that the same wall that keeps disappointments out also keeps out happiness. Break down the wall and experience all that life has to offer. Finally, Jim Rohn discusses resolve, and how the best definition of it is promising yourself you will never give up. A great example is the fact that babies try to walk until they can. You don’t see babies or mothers giving up after a little bit. This is the type of mentality we should apply to everything in our life.

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