Over the past year, INeedMotivation Inc. has been working hard on creating a new experience when it comes to self improvement.  We wanted to create the perfect blend between our excellent audio courses and some type of visual aid.  By combining multiple senses in any learning process, the results become much more effective.

The result of this research and vision is our new line of 3D Visual DVD’s.  We have incorporated our best selling audio courses with awe-inspiring visuals that make you literally enter a new world.  The visuals are made up of jaw-dropping imagery that is in sync and dependent on the audio.  In other words, the visuals follow an algorithm that makes them react uniquely to each particular beat, frequency, and voice spoken.  The result is a completely unique experience where the visual and auditory senses are linked together to provide ultimate self improvement on a whole new level.  You can find out more information about our new DVD’s at this link:

Advanced Visual Self Improvement On DVD

We currently offer a few titles, and we will be rolling out new titles over the next few weeks.  Here are our current titles:

Weight Loss Hypnosis DVD
Success & Wealth Subliminal DVD
Astral Travel Brainwave DVD
Stress Relief Subliminal DVD
Self Confidence Subliminal DVD
Memory Enhancement Brainwave DVD
HGH Youth Booster Brainwave DVD
Paranormal Mind Power Brainwave DVD
Stop Smoking Subliminal DVD

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