“Time you enjoyed wasting is not a waste of time.”

If there is one negative thing about humans inventing the clock, it’s the fact that we always seem to find ourselves running against it!  Seriously, do you frequently find yourself rushing to get things done, and running out of time?  You are not alone.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to properly manage our days and our time.  Our complex society has made it almost impossible to do everything that we need to do in the allocated time we have per day.  The result?  People are frantically running around trying to get things done, which in turn creates very poor results.  Think about it.  How much more enjoyable would the drive to work be every morning if you weren’t in a rush?  How much more fun would it be to finish off that project you’ve been working on if you weren’t so pressed on time?

This constant rushing through life makes us unable to savor the precious moments of it.  It is also why it feels like life is going so fast.  We do not stop to enjoy it.  So it feels like everything is always in the past.  It feels like life is passing us by.  Time is the most valuable commodity that there is.  It is more precious than all the money & gold in the world.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to create an environment in which you have an abundance of time.  Yes, nobody has more than 24 hours per day, yet certain people can manage to get through it without being in a rush or feeling like there is not enough time.  Here are a few lessons that we can learn from such people:

Wake up earlier.  One of the best decisions I ever made was to wake up an hour earlier than usual so that I would have time to stretch, meditate, exercise, and plan my day ahead.  Instead of waking up at the last possible moment and then rushing aimlessly throughout the day, I felt better and I had direction.  The earlier you get up, the earlier you do things, and therefore the earlier you finish what you need to do.  Simple logic right?  You’ll end up with more free time at the end of the day.

Take your time.  Now that you are up earlier and have more time, take a moment and enjoy that time.  Whatever it is that you are doing, don’t rush.  You’re washing dishes? Take your time.  You’re playing with your kids? Take your time.  You’re doing homework? Take your time.  Rushing causes us to start stressing, which makes us negative and also affects our health.

Focus on one thing at a time.
  This age of technology has us multitasking, which has depleted the quality of our attention.  We can be checking our emails while on the phone and texting from our blackberry while browsing facebook all at once!  Take the habit of doing one thing at a time, and take your time doing that one thing.  You will see the quality of your work and your creativity soar.

I feel that life is much more pleasant when you take the time to appreciate each and every moment of it.  Life is not the 100 meter dash.  It’s a marathon.  Therefore, you can’t sprint through it.  You have to pace yourself, breathe properly, focus, have patience, and take your time.  There’s a long way to go, and you don’t want to run out of breath midway 😉

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  1. Awesome site u have…!!! with clear points and in a simple manner…..love to read your articles……:)

  2. I’ve been rushing for 15yrs because of this woman I used to live in a group home. Her name is Margo Sheridan & she’s very impatient & is in love w/ women. I’ve been having over 10,000 accidents because of her. I just ran in to a tree & injured my right cheek. I also broke my right pinky last yr. It is all Margo’s fault that I rush. I end-up rushing every morning & dropping things & checking things continuously. I’ve been on crutches/ wheelchair 10x’s cause of her. What ever you do If you see her stay away from her. She wears glasses & has black hair & a little heavy set

  3. Agree completely on third para. It’s considered ‘professional’ to be able to multi task during a usual day rush, while in reality you will most likely end up with worse results. Frankly focusing on one thing is quite hard but it’s well worth it.

  4. I agree we rush and don’t take the time to enjoy the simple things in life

  5. I agree we rush and don’t take the time to enjoy the simple things in life


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