The holiday season is almost here. Everyone experiences stress. Whether it is the holiday stress, or stress of a first date, the stress of a volatile workplace, or the constant, persistent, nagging stress that occurs even in non-stressful situations, stress can occur for any reason and at any time.

Stress is at its best irritating and at its worst deadly. Stress has been linked to cancers, heart disease, immune problems and psychological disorders. Even at its weakest form it can cause anxiety, uneasiness, and general discomfort that can get in the way of your daily life.

And stress is self-sustaining. Stress causes discomfort which causes problems in your life which, in turn, causes more stress. Stress is not something you can simply wait out and hope that it will go away. Instead, you need to learn proper coping mechanisms so you can reduce and eliminate stress from your life.

Stress Coping
The way to remove stress is to use various stress coping techniques. These techniques have been studied by researchers and psychologists for several decades, and proper utilization can help you reduce stress:

•At Home
•At Work
•In Other Situations

By learning the proper stress coping techniques, you can live a longer, healthier, more stress free life.

At Home
Your home is the key place to de-stress your life. No matter where you are experiencing stress or why, the techniques for reducing stress at home should be used to convert your residence into your primary place of relaxation. Some of the best ways to de-stress at home are:

1) The Hot Bath/Shower
While it may be simplistic, a hot bath or shower takes tension from your muscles as well as your mind. It can keep your body calm which will keep you calm, and the time to yourself is helpful as well. Put on a little of your favorite music and your bathroom will be one of your favorite spots to go to after a long day.

2) Write it Down
Call it a journal, call it a diary, call it a venting space – whatever you want to call it, writing down what is making you stressed will make you less stressed. One of the reasons your brain focuses so intently on problems and stress is because it wants to remember it (even if you don’t). Writing it down tells your brain that it there is a permanent record of what you are thinking about, and it allows your brain to stop focusing on the problem.

3) Don’t Belittle Your Problems
One of the worst things you can do is assume that your problems are not important. Many people try to compare their problems to the grand scheme of life and assume that because their problems pale in comparison, they are not important.  If it makes you stressed, it is always important.

4) Exercise
Exercise stimulates brain cells, causes you to rest your body and mind, and improve the amount of endorphins your body creates (which help you feel better). Exercise also helps you sleep better, and a lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of chronic stress.

At Work

Work is almost always the cause of stress in the lives of most individuals. If you can remove the stress of work from your life, you are going to be a happier, less stressed individual.

5) Keep Yourself Organized
Your brain can make stress for you. Just by trying to organize and remember things. Your brain may go on over-drive trying to recall or retrieve information even without you giving the command. Your subconscious is always working. This often results in more stress as the brain works to solve problems.

Work hard to organizing your work. Make sure you know exactly what’s next. With a good plan of sequence in place, you relieve the brain and reduce stress. Reduce clutter. Keep your desk clean and your files in the right places. Clutter provides your brain with a lot to process, which increases its stress.

6) Taking Breaks
If you stare are a computer screen all day, your eyes will get tired. You will begin to squint more as you continue looking at the screen. Squinting causes your eyes and mind to stress. Take short little breaks. This allows you to rest your eyes. You may just walk around stretch your legs. It will help release some tension from your mind.

7) Make Jokes
The more light-hearted you can treat your workplace, the less it will cause stress when you leave work. If you can leave your work stress at work, the rest of your life will be less stressful.

In Other Situations

Obviously, home and work are not the only places you experience stress. Whenever you begin to sense tense feeling of stress in other situations, you may want to use the following coping methods:

8 ) The Time Out
Take a few moments before you make a decision. Take deep breaths and relax. Divert your mind to something else before returning to the situation. Some people are prone to making rash decisions based on their emotions. Often the result is they make mistake which creates more stress. Removing yourself from the situation often reduces the current stress. It allows you time to reconsider the best options and make a decision that won’t cause you more stress.

9) Be Honest
Hiding problems and lying serves no one. Honesty helps you release your stress, even if the result is not what you want. Telling the truth helps you move on and reduces stress on your life, even if it causes a very temporary amount of stress at the time.

Dealing with Stress
Reducing and eliminating stress is not just something you do because you want to – it is important for your health and your overall well-being. By using stress coping techniques, you can add years to your life and live happy and healthy.

Life can be beautiful especially when you have taken steps to eliminate major life stressors. With your thoughts, actions and associations, you have that choice to make it so. Once in a while take a mini vacation maybe go on your first cruise ship vacation.

Break away from your daily routine, do something different and get close to nature. Go and explore other cultures and see different lifestyles. Who knows you may like it and discover something wonderful.

About the Author

Winston Cole publisher of is an avid traveler who has discovered the soothing benefits of the ocean’s environment. He loves to relax by going on family cruise vacation Winston certainly wants you to enjoy life and maybe go on a few cruises of your own. Especially since he knows you can return relaxed, recharged and much relieved from life’s daily stresses.

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  1. Hi friend. I am still very new at blogging and all aspects around this field. There are many jargons I still don’t understand. I’m not really sure I can blogging half decent to yours. I will browse the entire blog perhaps I can feel your blogging style a little.

  2. Great article. And i’m happy you chose something that was inclined to “Stress during Holidays”; something that I think I really missed back in my article, “Women: 20 Ways To Get Stress-Free in 20 Minutes!”.

    Thanks a lot for the whole new bunch of ideas you’ve given me and all the others who read this.


  3. Great article. And i’m happy you chose something that was inclined to “Stress during Holidays”; something that I think I really missed back in my article, “Women: 20 Ways To Get Stress-Free in 20 Minutes!”.

    Thanks a lot for the whole new bunch of ideas you’ve given me and all the others who read this.



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