It’s common knowledge that to get somewhere in life, to leave your mark & make an impact, you have to get things done.  You can’t do things half way or a third of the way and expect glowing results.  The percentage of people that actually get things done is directly related to the percentage of successful people in society.  Here’s why:

Most people give up

Most people never finish anything.  I remember a University teacher I had telling the whole class of freshmen that only a handful of the 400+ students in the class would ever finish their degree.  He was right.  I saw my friends, one after the other, quit.

I witnessed the same behavior in the workplace.  People just give up instead of pulling through the rougher times.  Especially in the entrepreneurial world, I have seen people abandon their business half way through.  It’s quite disheartening, because I firmly believe that it is best to judge a finalized work, than a job done in half.  Can you really judge a book by reading only half of it?  What if the second part is just incredible?  You end up with the wrong judgment, and potentially on the wrong path.

Theoretically speaking, you can succeed by default.  Simply hanging in there, while watching everyone left and right give up, you will succeed.  You don’t need to be the best or the brightest.  By just never quitting, by always being in the game and sailing through the more difficult times without retreating like all these losers, you pretty much guarantee yourself success.  You wonder why certain people, with no clear talent or charisma make it to the top?  They held on longer than everyone else.  They have stayed while everybody quit.  They have made it, purely on the Law of Quitters.

Now, if you can combine quality, expertise, and care to this law, then you are surely going to succeed beyond any limits you ever thought possible!  You see, sticking in there is half the battle.  Know that by not giving up and completing your goal in full, you will already be more successful than 98% of people out there, regardless of the results.  Now, if you add in an attitude that reflects positivity, innovation, and uniqueness, then you may very well be cementing for yourself an even higher level of success.

I remember once I had a speaking engagement to do and it was on a brutal winter day.  Of course, I could have called in and said “I’m not going out there!”.  However, I was taught to always do everything in full.  I had prepared to be there, and people expected me to be there.  So I went.  Of course, with the law of quitters, 90% of people never showed up.  They could have showed up (if some did, everyone could have), they just decided it would be too hard or too complicated, and just gave up.  That day, instead of doing my speech in front of 100 people, I did it in front of 10.  And let me tell you, I did it with the poise and the professionalism as if I was in front of 100 people.  I didn’t do it half way.  I went full throttle, and I was very pleased with the performance & got wonderful feedback.

This is why you should always keep on keeping on, even if everyone around you is quitting.  Do everything in full, because that’s the only way to truly experience success, judge accordingly, and never have any regret.  Instead of being one of those quitters in that Law, be the one that takes advantage of this Law to ensure your ultimate success 😉

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