Apparently so according to the National Institutes of Health. Men who watch 3 or more hours of TV per day are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who only watch 1 hour or less per day. The sedentary lifestyle of poor diet and lack of exercise is as well linked with the TV watching reason.

What about video games? Or surfing the internet? Those are similar activities to watching TV. And the majority of people that watch hours of TV per day, also spend hours on the internet, whether it be for work or personal reasons. Clearly, the level of activity a human being exposes itself to nowadays is SIGNIFICANTLY lower, with all of this technology.

Of course, erectile dysfunction is not the only problem this causes. Count high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems among the consequences of this type of lifestyle. I think people in general, need to “disconnect” with all this technology more than ever. When I go on vacation, I am so happy to not have a cell phone or TV or computer nearby. And I still continue on living, and have a great time! We don’t “need” all those things. These things should be added to your lifestyle in moderate doses, not become the lifestyle completely!

So to help resolve erectile dysfunction issues, losing weight, going out and exercise, and diminishing TV watching habits, are all things that will help you NOT have to rely completely on a pill for your sexual needs. Seems like a good trade off, since by losing weight, being in good shape, and such, you may very well find yourself in more situations where you have to fill that “need” hehe 😉

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