Get ahead.

A key to getting ahead is never passing up an opportunity to get ahead—which is kind of like the saying “nothing succeeds like success.” Indeed, the two aphorisms operate on similar self-fulfilling principles.

Do you remember the last time you fell behind? Chances are you felt overwhelmed with what had to be done given the resources left and time left on the ticking clock. You may have felt like you were running out of choices. Maybe you weren’t thinking about your helplessness exactly in that way, but that was what was happening. You were running out of choices.

No choice leads to failure as surely as a trail of ants leads to a picnic.

We all know opportunity only presses the doorbell once. So, we must seize each and every opportunity that comes along. Seize each and every one with a white-knuckled grip and squeeze out every last drop of huckleberry juice!

Never do tomorrow what you can do today. And never do today what you can do yesterday.

If none of this quirky advice helps, then consider the sober words of Mark Twain: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started…”

Getting ahead allows for choice and choice is empowerment. The very basis of your ability to improve lies in your ability to choose.

Always choose the way that seems best. Don’t let choosing between two bad alternatives slow you down. Don’t be overwhelmed by too many choices either. Avoid the paralysis of analysis. Choose… If you are going to make a mistake, it’s best to do so going too fast. Get ahead.

Once you get ahead, never let up or go back for the trivial. The purpose of getting ahead is not to take a break or to create time for things that don’t matter. Getting ahead is not about staying even, despite instincts to the contrary held by many of us in middle age.

Don’t stop… That which does not move forward tends to fall back… Always ahead. Always.

You can do it.

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