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I’ve been going through the Dalai Lama’s Path to Tranquility, and thought to share a few verses from what inspired him to write that book: a work called the Eight Verses For Training The Mind. I want to point them out as to show how very different our world would be if we were to live according to those principles. Here are a few:

“When I see beings of wicked nature
overwhelmed by violent negative emotions and sufferings,
I shall hold such rare ones dear,
As if I have found a precious treasure.”

And this makes sense. Why let others bring us down to their level with their anger. Fill them with your love, brighten their darkness with your light, and watch their anger and violence dissipate. In our reality, we get dragged down into that darkness and fight with them. If only more of us would think about shining a light of good on their enemies instead of trying to destroy them, it would be one different reality indeed! Ok, here’s another:

“When in the company of others
I shall always consider myself the lowest of all,
and from the depth of my heart
Hold them dear and supreme.”

As if to say, there IS honor in being humble, in humility. Always making an effort to help others, instead of always being selfish and thinking of yourself first. Imagine how incredibly different things would be if you walked into your office tomorrow and everyone would practice this! Everyone would be nice to one another. And keep in mind, you put others before you, and they put you first in return, so it’s a positive-positive. There is a reason why it feels good inside when you help out someone. Perhaps we are meant to do this more?? Yet we don’t! Why don’t we do something that feels so good more frequently then? Things to ponder about indeed. Anyways, the Path to Tranquility is full of verses as such for everyday of the year, and its inspiration is called Eight Verses for Training the Mind. It’s very soothing to the soul and puts things into a more spiritual perspective. I highly recommend it 🙂

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  1. The first first paragraph-verse reminds me of a quote that was always with me and I always was guided by during the years I was the parent of young children.

    “Children need love. Especially when they don’t deserve it.”

  2. My holiness,

    Thanks you very much indeed holiness
    Simple yet very meaning full…
    Love to hear from you..

    May you long live…

  3. would like daily thoughts from the Dalai, im so in awe of him & have been for many years, thank-you

  4. thanks for spreading the real dhamma (nature’s rule) to all the beings in the world. I the great lover of your speech, thoughts & your mankind for the people. I & my family want the blessing of your’s to be strongly in the way of nirvan & and attain the real happiness.

  5. A deep necessary reminder to: Simply be kind to self and all others. I needed a Blessing and have been following the Dalai Lama on His traveling. I looked at His face and let go, believing that His Compassion would encompass me. It did. I am grateful. Camille Fie

  6. incredible ……………………..

  7. So inspirational, i love it!

  8. Dalai lama message to us all- i mean all the humanity is trying awakened our reality with life around us, we indeed ve buddha nature in us, its deeply buried within us.

  9. just as daila laam said we should carry others along and not to think of selfish intrest all the time that is to love others as we love ourselves

  10. It is really a point to think about. Why don't we do something that feels so good.


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