principles of success

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4- A Pleasant Personality. Your personality is a reflection of your thought, your forces, your mental & spiritual states, as well as the type of life you lead. Of course, there are tons of different types of personalities, and tons of ways to attract success. However, the one main characteristic has to be a positive attitude. “Smile and everyone will smile with you. Cry, and you will cry alone!” Everyone has rough days, but no one is attracted to someone that is always depressed. Try to view the positive side of things. Other traits that comprise a good personality are flexibility, openness, self control, and sincerity. A great sense of humor is also an asset. There is an old saying that says that if you can make someone laugh, you can make them love you. If they love, they will also listen to anything serious you have to say.

5- Extra Effort. This consists in giving more or better than what is expected of you, with the right attitude, and without expecting anything in return. Extra effort is a testament of courage, autonomy, personal initiative, and enthusiasm. This creates a positive, happy environment with everyone around you, whether it be coworkers, employees, or clients.

6- Personal Initiative. This is an important characteristic, and if accompanied by discretion and logic, it can allow you to surpass everyone around you. Initiative based on precise comprehension of what needs to be accomplished allows harmony with your entourage and the universe as a whole. Having a precise goal in mind, it’s facilitating the occasions to demonstrate personal initiative. Initiative demonstrates that the right attitude is manifested within the action; it shows self confidence and while pursuing a goal, it allows you to go faster and counter difficulties more effectively while making the whole process more gratifying.

7- Personal Discipline.
Discipline corrects, models, strengthen, and perfects. It is about being in complete control of yourself. Your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions all have to be in check. Once they overpower you, you lose control and act irrationally. Personal discipline is about channeling the energy from these thoughts and emotions in the right direction, one in which it will be useful and advantageous to your success.

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