principles of success

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13- A Positive Attitude. Our mind is the only element we can control. Either, we control it, or we let it control us. Whatever our situation, there is something we can do. To run your life effectively, you need to manage your attitudes just as well. Our reactions depend on how well we master our mind and our attitudes.

14- The Right Frame of Mind. Decide what you want to realize. Ask yourself how you will realize it. Then follow this path with strength, assurance, and faith. Organize your mind. Make sure that you are mentally healthy, focuses, and determined. Success then flows from this naturally.

15- Good Physical Health. Your thoughts influence your health. Your thoughts can make you sick or healthy, give you good attitudes, good sleep, and good eating habits. Develop a conscience for health and well being. Healthy thoughts generate harmony in our body and creates positive physical reinforcement.

16- Cooperation. Success in any form is the result of cooperation. All realizations are consequences of significant cooperation and team work. Cooperation is the beginning of all organized effort. Just like our own body, it is at its best when all organs cooperate and work well together. We live happier when we feel cooperation within ourselves and our entourage.

17- The “It” Factor. This is the most difficult element to define. Certain qualify this element as mystical or intangible. If you observe a certain order in the universe such as when the sun rises or the change in seasons, you are witnessing the materialization of a “plan”. The balance of our universe lies on certain laws. The combination of these laws and our own activity contribute to the strengthening of this power, this force, this energy that generates harmony, peace, and success.

So there you have it. The 17 Principles of Success! Remember, that you have the power to choose to welcome each one of these principles into your life. The more out of that list you master, the more guaranteed your success becomes. It is now up to you to put them into action into your own existence 😉

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