It can be miserable being shy. You don’t feel you can go to parties or meet new people, because your timidity makes it so uncomfortable for you to be with unfamiliar people, especially outside your normal environment.

The following five tips can help you overcome this shyness and be your true self around anyone.

1. Ask yourself why you’re shy. Are you worried about someone saying something rude, are you self-conscious about your appearance, are you afraid you won’t say the right thing? By knowing what it is that scares you in these situations, you can take giant steps toward overcoming the shyness altogether.

2. Make an effort to look your best and have things to talk about. This might be as simple as just remembering what you read in the paper today. Most people will be interested in hearing about anything you want to talk about, and if you’re confident you look good and have something interesting to say, you will feel better about yourself.

3. Practice. Ask friends to pretend to be strangers, and practice meeting and talking to them. This may seem a little silly, but the more you practice, the less shy you will be.

4. Go online. Participate in online email groups and discussions, and learn to talk with strangers when you’re not looking at them. This should help you overcome the issues of not having anything to say or knowing how to say it.

5. Get out there! Get out and practice, meet people, and just keep plugging away at overcoming your shyness. Keep in mind that being shy doesn’t make you unintelligent, ugly, or repulsive. It just makes you shy, and if you really get uncomfortable, you can just say, “I’m sorry, I’m a little shy sometimes.”

If you truly want to overcome your shyness, you will find that it is not nearly as formidable a problem as you might have thought.

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  1. Nice , but to implement on them is very big task. You wouldn’t know how it feels to be left apart while talking in a stranger group. The tips didn’t work.


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