1- You can greet the day with excitement and enthusiasm. Remember each morning when you wake up to be thankful for having another day; it is truly a blessing.

2- You will have a head start. Is it really worth a little extra sleep to have to start each day rushing around because you do not have enough time? The answer is no. Waking early gives you a head start and everything else will fall into place.

3- You will have a brief period of peace and quiet. Imagine time for yourself that does not involve screaming children, crying babies, loud cars or television racket. You can have quiet time if you just get up early enough.

4- You get to take in the glory of a sunrise. They are beautiful as the midnight blue turns to silver and then the sky lights up like a painting. You cannot view this sample of the magnificence at eight a.m.

5- Get up earlier and you have time for a real breakfast. You do not have to scarf something down as fast as you can in the car or at your desk. You have time to sit and enjoy your food in the quiet. Just add a cup of coffee and you have it made.

6- If you get up early enough you will always have time to exercise. Later in the day things come up, but if you work out early you will almost always stick to your routine.

7- You can get so much more done in the morning before the distractions start. Your productivity can be so much greater if you get more done earlier.

8- You have time to plan for your goals. You can pick one thing to do for the day that will help you reach your goals and then you can get it done.

9- One of the best benefits of rising early is the opportunity to skip rush hour traffic.

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