The tendency to do the same is a peculiarity of our human nature. We are prone to habit.

Habit is in our nature. On this account— to bring about the best in ourselves— we must make sure our habits are good ones. And we must make sure our good habits help us toward our greater goals.

Have you thought at all about that?

Are all your good habits helping you toward your greater goals? When you get up early in the morning— undoubtedly a wonderful habit to have—are you using that time to energize and prepare yourself for a successful day at the office, for instance, or are you frittering that time away?

If you want to be successful at work and sit in the corner office with your feet up on the desk— if that is your greater goal— then start by examining your habits and how they help you (or not) toward your greater goals.

What about those bad habits of yours? Don’t get defensive. We all have them. Some people even joke bad habits are what make people redeeming. In any case, your bad habits are almost certainly NOT helping you toward your greater goals.

Change your habits in relation to your greater goals. If your good habits are not helping you achieve your greater goals, then think about ways to redirect or leverage your good habits.

Suppose you floss your teeth daily—undoubtedly another wonderful habit—then how can you redirect or leverage that toward a greater goal, that corner office, for instance. How about leveraging your fetish for clean teeth into a habit for dressing well to impress?

And, if your bad habits are getting in the way of your greater goals, then lose them—the bad habits, that is— however redeeming they might be.

You can do it.

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