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Interesting, I thought I was one of the few people to criticize “The Secret” and how impactful it really is. I just stumbled upon Anderson Cooper’s show and Jerry Adler from Newsweek mentioned a lot of my concerns with this phenomenon known as “The Secret”.

First, I totally agree that they have packaged The Secret as sort of a DaVinci Code type mysterious secret handed down throughout the ages by the elite in society. That’s just absurd, and laughable. They have even made the artwork and boxset have the same “look & feel” of the DaVinci Code. This makes me question the reasoning behind it all. Is it all a marketing ploy to make money?

In the discussion on AC 360 tonight, Mr Adler resonated my sentiment that ACTIONS are more important than any visualizations or thoughts. The fellow who defended The Secret ideology, whom I can’t remember his name, also acknowledged that fact.

Now let me say this. Visualization works. It works when combined with action. Thoughts work, as long as you follow up with action. Now, is The Secret simply the same old self help information repackaged in a neat little format with a clever ploy to use the massive popularity of the DaVinci code to feed off of?

I’ve mentioned this in previous posts. We have pretty much all the information we require to live a life of abundance at our fingertips. We know what to do. The disconnect is: “how do we get ourselves to do it?” And that is done via actions, or as I prefer to call it, MOTIVATION. I leave you with this statement: “Don’t give me more information, or the same information I already know in a different format, just give me what I need to be motivated enough to turn my life around and do what I already know I should do!”

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