If you have to pinpoint what character trait, or what emotion could possibly be the driving force of ANY successful story, enthusiasm would have to be right at the top of the list. Enthusiasm – or the lack thereof – determines your success, period.

Doing whatever it is that you are doing with enthusiasm pushes you into another stratosphere compared to everyone else. You are happier, you smile more, you are positive, and most importantly, you LIKE what you are doing. This is what enthusiasm brings to the table. With these attributes in your pocket, the question is no longer if you will succeed, but when you will.

Enthusiasm makes you work harder and strive more fully to accomplish your goals. Not because you have to, but because you WANT to. That’s much more powerful, and thus why the level of success skyrockets when you add enthusiasm to your “success arsenal”.

For example, let’s say you have two employees in the same office, doing the same work. One is going by the motion, doing just what he has to and not more, has a monotone boring, and neutral way about himself that just doesn’t bring any excitement to the clients or his peers. This person isn’t doing anything WRONG, but they aren’t doing everything they COULD. On the other hand, you have this one person that smiles, that is clearly happy to be there, that goes the extra mile to make clients and co workers feel comfortable and pleased. This person is full of enthusiasm and brings a ray of sunshine anywhere they go. Ok, so who do you think will be promoted? Who do you think sells more or accomplishes more with clients? Who do you think is the best example to follow? There you have, enthusiasm is the key.

As I mentioned above, the first person wasn’t doing anything wrong per say. However, success is not always determined by right or wrong factors. That’s up to perceptions. Success is about being 100% committed to putting in and investing the very best out of yourself into what you are doing. Enthusiasm opens a multitude of doors that bring the best not only out of you, but out of everyone around you. It’s about being emotionally invested into what you are doing, which then transforms into passion. You’ve heard I’m sure that passion is crucial to success, well enthusiasm paves the way to passion.

Incorporate this pivotal, magnetic force into whatever it is that you are doing, and watch the results. Ralph Waldo Emerson (a poet and leader of the Transcendentalist movement in the early nineteenth century) once said that nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm…something to think about indeed 😉

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