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We’ve been getting more and more requests for highly specific courses over the past year, and this is why I am proud to announce that is now offering customized solutions to fit your every needs!

The process is quite simple. In the same way that I treat my clients that come in person to see me for a consultation, you will get the VIP treatment. From the comfort of your own home, you will be able to receive within a few days a fully personalized hypnosis or subliminal session, entirely tailored just for you!

All you have to do is head over to this page. This is the equivalent of the initial session I have with my clients in person, although in a more compact format. I’ve condensed it to the most important information that I need to get a sense of the type of person you are and thus create the most compelling course that will give you the most success. So just fill out that form accurately, and send it over.

Then, this is where I do my magic. Based on your information, I will carve out a very detailed technique based on my years of experience and on tactics that I have seen successful with similar minded individuals within my private practice. This is why on that form I ask for some interesting questions such as favorite color and if you are right or left handed. These are crucial when it comes to carving out the proper suggestions for you.

Once that is done, we head over to our studios where we do the recording. We layer it with the type of background music you selected, and if it is subliminal, we embed the audio of my voice recording underneath the layer of music. Then I let my sound engineers take care of the rest, and voila!

These customized sessions are available either in CD format, MP3, or both. The entire process can take 3-5 business days on average.

Therefore, if you cannot find a topic among our growing list of courses, then fear not, has an alternative solution for you. Better yet, if you simply want a more personalized solution where you can experience the highest level of success, then this is also an alternative for you 🙂

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