Free Time

There are so many demands on our time it is difficult to find the time to do the things we really love. There are consistently ways to fill up our day and if you are not careful they can rob you of all of your free time. There are ways that you can get it back.

• Take the time to step back and see if you are really doing what you want to do with your life. Examine your everyday routine and ask yourself if it is really working for you. Figure out which things you wish you could be doing but do not have time for right now.

• Make a very short list of those things that you wish you could be doing; there should be no more than five things on this list. This is what you will me making time for.

• Figure out the things that you do that waste time. This could be any number of things that seem important but they are not. Sometimes you just have to decide between watching television and pursuing your dreams.

• Schedule in the essential things that you want to pursue. Make an appointment for them just like you would anything else. You have to set aside blocks of time in your schedule every week. If exercise is the goal, the write it down in your weekly schedule whenever you want to do it. Then make sure that you keep this appointment with yourself.

• Learn how to say no. If you tell everyone yes all of the time you will never have time for the things that you love. You have to learn how to say no to people when they ask for your time and you are not truly interested.

• Use your evenings and your lunch hours. These are typically times when you are free to schedule what you want. Use this available time to do something constructive instead of catching up on gossip or watching television.

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