I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of this new self help book called WOW – A Handbook For Living. It’s a nice little book, where its authors, Zen Ohashi & Zono Kurazono, state that you can carry it everywhere with you and whenever you require some wisdom, just take it out and let the book influence you positively. I can agree with that statement. It’s a small book of roughly 140 pages, and there are 31 main “themes” in the book.

The ideas in the book aren’t groundbreaking, revolutionary stuff, but they are simple, to the point, and can definitely spark something in you to start seeing things a bit differently in your life. There are many ideas that I thought were pretty good such as when you think of solutions for a problem, answer in 5 seconds. Usually, our intuition and gut instinct is right. Another I liked a lot was rating yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for a particular issue or topic and then trying to increase your rating one point by one. There are many ideas in this book that deal with goals and how to write them down. I couldn’t agree more with that. Frequent readers of this blog will know that I’ve stressed this in numerous articles. Writing goals down and setting a date is key to getting the ball rolling.

Another thing I liked in this book is how it shows you how to listen to what people mean, not what they say. I think that is an excellent skill to develop, as you can determine the real elements of a situation instead of basing them out of simply the words that you hear. One more thing I must point out is that I enjoyed the idea about finding an answer that works instead of looking for the right answer. If you understand this concept alone, it can transform your entire life and how happy you feel within it.

Overall, I liked the book very much and if you are looking for a light, soothing book to read that has concepts straight and to the point, then I truly believe that you can benefit from WOW – A Handbook For Living. You can order your copy below:

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  1. that book looks good. maybe in a few months or less i will try to buy it. since i have an interest in motivational writing.


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