I came across a nice little segment on AC 360 last night, about this lady in California who would sell “miracle” potions to her patients for thousands of dollars with the expectation that it would cure their cancer. Needless to say, people who pry on vulnerable people such as cancer stricken people all in the name of money should be ashamed of themselves, and the law should act accordingly.

As I was watching this, it got me to thinking about certain websites, certain individuals out there who shall remain nameless, who sell “cancer curing” hypnosis courses. There are quite a few who do that, and they charge a lot of money for them too. Now, the truth is that hypnosis CAN help fighting off illnesses and diseases. Visualization techniques that boost the immune system and destroy the sick cells are proven to work quite well in patients. My problem is in the WAY that these courses are promoted. Hypnosis can help definitely, but it is NOT a cure on its own. Cancer is a serious situation to deal with. It is not like trying to quit smoking or trying to gain confidence. Promoting such a course as a “cure” will make desperate patients abandon their other treatments and medication, which can have potentially fatal consequences.

They don’t have to promote them as a cure. They can simply say that it is a visualization course that is good to help overcome illnesses and diseases, and to include a warning not to abandon medication or treatment, and should suggest consulting their doctor. However, they market it as a cancer cure, just for the almighty dollar. I think it’s sad to resort to ripping off cancer patients, that’s just wrong on so many levels. Perhaps if they experienced cancer close to them, they wouldn’t feel the need to do such unethical promotion of these miracle “cancer cures”.

Also, people should be aware of the biggest red flag in those circumstances: the price tag! If it seems like it’s very very expensive, it probably won’t live up to your expectations. The way I see it, if I had in my possession a miracle cure for cancer, my responsibility to help out my fellow citizens who are dying in the population would FAR exceed the need to make money off of it. Life is not always about money. We need to remember that 😉

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