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Everyone knows that exercise is good for them, yet over 60% claim they don’t exercise or not enough. Why don’t people do something that they know is good for them?

Lack of self control.

In this fast paced world, with technology pretty much doing everything for us, we lose our grip on our own life. We become controlled by our surroundings and situations. We have lost our ability to do what we know is right for us. This can be seen in a multitude of areas besides exercise. But let’s take exercise as an example. We all know that we should be exercising instead of surfing the web or watching tv, yet we keep doing what is wrong for us. What’s happened here is a complete loss of self control.

We no longer make decisions based on right or wrong, because we’ve lost control. That computer, or that tv has become more powerful than ourselves! Their “pull” has become greater than our own reasoning. Isn’t that a little scary? It’s very subtle, yet we all are victim of this in some form or fashion.

To undo this unhealthy habit, you need to train yourself back into gaining your self control again. Start with little things, such as making you take those vitamins daily, or making you drink those 6 glasses of water per day. Little by little, you will start gaining control back, and realize that the decision is yours. Your “pull” will begin taking over the “pull” from the computer or tv or anything else that is keeping you from doing what you should be doing.

Discipline can only be successful with proper self control. Once you have control over yourself and your reasoning, only then can you make yourself succeed at exercising appropriately. Take a look at Olympic athletes for example. This is a great example of massive self control and discipline. Their “mind muscle” is as trained and as toned as their physical prowess. Once you master the mental aspect, the physical aspect follows. It becomes a piece of cake. This is why you don’t hear these athletes complain about how painful or hard it is, even if they train 1000 times more than the average person! They have conditioned their minds to understand the benefits of such actions. They will never be overruled by the pull of any tv or internet because they are in charge of their own reasoning. That’s total self control!

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