According to a recent study, exercise has been discovered to build new brain cells in the region of the brain relating to memory and memory loss. So in essence, we know another reason why we should keep ourselves active. After 30 yrs old, your memory starts to decline. Brain cells die off quicker than they are produced. So exercise can help turn this around and help avoid any memory problems in the future.

And we are not talking about a huge amount of exercise. Doing 15-20 min. a day of some type of activity does yourself (and your brain!) some good. 15 min goes by FAST! Think about how fast your break is at work, that is the time needed to turn your life around. It’s almost impossible not to find 15-20 min per day to do this. And you can do it anywhere. Sit ups, push ups, jogging, or even walking, you can do easily without it being complex.

Now if you require some proper motivation to help you get started, have a look at this course: Learn to Love Exercise. This should do the trick to get you started in enjoying being active. Then, you can ride your momentum, because after getting through the rough period at the start, exercise ends up being quite enjoyable and pleasant. Plus, now you can add having an improved memory as a bonus to getting yourself committed to remain active regularly 🙂

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