napping helps memory

According to German scientists, taking as little as a 6-minute nap creates a significant boost in memory.

I have always found that taking a very quick nap in the afternoon is definitely beneficial especially for people that have very long days. I have days that quite frequently go over 12 hrs, so any rest I can get, is great! Usually, anything less than 30 min. is really good. Anything beyond that and you get more tired. I guess because it takes approx. 20 min to reach the deeper stage of sleep, so something quick, just to get your mental capacities back on track is good.

I never really looked at the memory aspect of it, but if naps boost mental abilities, memory is sure to fall in that category as well. I think that it helps into processing all the information you have gathered, and places it nicely into memory. Lord knows, after a crazy busy day with all kinds of information flashing in front of us, we all require some “down time” to process it all neatly!

Everyone with long days can greatly benefit from a little nap. If you are at work and can’t really nap, and that’s understandable, what you can do is take a quick nap once you are back from work. Preferably before eating supper. It’s best not to sleep right after supper, for a variety of reasons, including digestion and storage of fat in your system. So the best moment would be at 5-6pm when you are back from work, take 20 min, clear your mind, and just do and think about absolutely nothing. You will then feel rejuvenated and eating supper will not make you as sleepy. So you will have enough energy to carry yourself throughout the evening until bedtime.

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